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Ordering & invoicing management system for gastronomy areas. (Hotel departments, restaurants, cafes, confectioneries, etc.)


Greater earnings, saving work time for waiters, employees / users. Remove time-consuming keystrokes and data processing, serve more customers, avoid mistakes.

Provide a higher level of service. Improve image of the company. Apart from the difference in the level of service quality, ability to collect data to be processed by your marketing manager for effective and immediate management information.

Export sales data as well as relevant statistical fluctuations. Discount and cancellation system. Improve your services.


Print orders in preparation areas

Auto order printing

Income and expenses management

Table’s and waiter’s management

Auto receipt printing

Receipt and invoicing management


Management of:

  1. Many “groups of tables”, eg: Restaurant, café, pool bar, etc.
  2. Tables – Special Tables for Delivery, Take away
  3. Waiters – shifts, additional rights to tablists / auditors
  4. Pricelists
  5. Warehouse – Inventory (Two Warehouses),
  6. Suppliers – Purchase
  7. Ordering
  8. Proceeds – Payments



  1. Ordering from Windows and from Android Tablets
  2. Printing orders in same or separate printers (food / drinks)
  3. Easily re-order previous items and correct possible mistakes
  4. Selection of items from main categories & categories
  5. Customizable comments by order type
  6. Splitting table by company. Easy pay-per-group payment option
  7. Easily change table for all or for part of order
  8. Choice of order of preparation (first / second / dessert etc.)
  9. Possibility to record a customer’s position on the table for convenience in serving


Issue of evidence / payments

  1. Easy invoicing either full or part of order
  2. Receipt of an order either full or part of it.
  3. Possibility to collect cash / credit cards (and more than one credit card per collection)
  4. Ability to issue a summerized order for the convenience of the customer
  5. Calculation for change on payment