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SoftOne Water Billing Software

Water Billing @ SoftOne

Water Billing @ SoftOne

After decades of experience working with municipalities, we found that many cities are stuck using outdated water billing software! With that in mind, we set out to offer modern water billing software at a price affordable to any city.

Our Water Billing Software, is based and developed on SoftOne’s Business Explorer.


Features that make Water Billing @ SoftOne an easy and efficient water billing software:


Track usage of single meters

Warehouse, accounting, budget, online updates.

Supplies – Diavgeia – Commissioner – CPV

On-line ΚΗΜΔΗΣ update


Mapping of single meters

Readings from old and new meters onto one water bill.

Electronic archiving of records

Built in Auto Billing System

On-line Diavgeia update


Hydrometer Management

Custom Defined Indexes, Change History & Calculation Parameters. Hydrometer tab for each account, Easily manage hydrometer measurement tab.

Automatic Hydrometer Mapping

Automatic recording of hydrometer coordinates during the recording of the new measurement, as well as picture shooting, video capture, voice recording.

Purchasing Management

Diavgeia – Commissioner – CPV (International Coding of Species).

Customer Management

Parametrically Defined Indexes, Aggregate and Analytical Tabs per Consumer / Hydrometer, Balances, Balance Sheets. Unified File of Trusted Accounts, Owners, Hirers.

Measuring Lists per Route and Hydrometer – Accounts

Automatic calculation of charges, billing, interest, surcharges, etc. Issuance of Credit & Void Notes.

Automatic warehouse – accounting – budget update

By registering the Invoice.

Electronic archiving of supporting documents

Attached to the consumer’s card and accessible from all points of service to authorized users.


  1. Automatically find outstanding accounts per charge group.
  2. Multi way payments (Cash, Check, Credit Card, Remittance, Payout etc.)
  3. Barcode assigned Invoices
  4. Receipt of any amount by automatic allocation to FIFO.


  1. Automatic installment calculation, installment overdue reminder.
  2. Settlement tracking tab.

Prices and Pricing Policies

Custon defined  system for price management, control and approvals. Analytical price records by type of service, price category. Charges History.

On Line update of General Accounting and Public Accounting from all issued  invoices.

View and print invoices from Internet – Build in meter reading app – On-line payments.

Send Invoices via email

Invoice Analysis