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Hotel PMS 971

Version 971 6/6/2023 Νέες προδιαγραφές Στις ξενοδοχειακές παραμέτρους ανά εταιρεία προστέθηκαν τα εξής: 1. Φόρος διαμονής πριν την άφιξη     Οι επιλογές είναι ίδιες με τις Υπηρεσίες και εισπράξεις πριν την άφιξη: On Arrival date and checked in (ανοίγει την ημέρα άφιξης και συνεχίζει όσο ο πελάτης είναι checked in) Checked In Only Any time before checkout

Hotel PMS 967

Νέες προδιαγραφές Στους τιμοκαταλόγους προστέθηκαν τα εξής 1.Υποχρέωση συμπλήρωσης Πληρωμής (καμία, προειδοποίηση, απαγόρευση) Αν δεν συμπληρώσεις πληρωμή, ενεργεί με προειδοποίηση ή απαγόρευση. 2. Εμφανιζόμενοι τρόποι πληρωμής αν επιλέξουμε κάποιους θα εμφανιστούν μόνο αυτοί οι τρόποι πληρωμής 3. Τρόποι πληρωμής με μετρητά 4. Τρόποι πληρωμής με κάρτες επιλέγουμε ποιοι από τους τρόπους πληρωμής επιδέχονται μετρητά, και ποιοί κάρτες, έτσι ώστε


IntroductionOrdering & invoicing management system for gastronomy areas. (Hotel departments, restaurants, cafes, confectioneries, etc.) WIRELESS ORDERING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - BENEFITSGreater earnings, saving work time for waiters, employees / users. Remove time-consuming keystrokes and data processing, serve more customers, avoid mistakes. Provide a higher level of service. Improve image of the company. Apart

F&B @ SoftOne

Food and Beverage @ SoftOneThe sales growth today, more than ever, requires exhausting cost control. Choosing the right technology and computerization solution could be your most important investment. Below we present the implementation of an integrated Food and Beverage solution. Multi-Property ManagementIntegrated inventory management and department control (cost centers). Stock management (purchases, sales,

Hotel @ SoftOne

Hotel Management SystemHotel @ SoftOne is an advanced, Multilanguage and solid hotel management solution with over 10 fully integrated modules, in a robust and flexible database. Ideal for small and large hotels (Chain hotels, Resorts, City hotels, Boutique hotels, Apartments, Villas, Rooms for rent). Its usability and functionality make it possible


Ordering & Portable BillingPortable Billing System 6, based on SoftOne’s ERP Below we present the implementation of an integrated solution. High Technology Solution!All you need is a wireless thermal (WiFi or Bluetooth) printer, a Tablet, and ROPL-OS 6 specially designed for Android-powered devices. ROPL-OS 6 operates on-line and off-line. The user has

Water Billing @ SoftOne

Water Billing @ SoftOneWater Billing @ SoftOne After decades of experience working with municipalities, we found that many cities are stuck using outdated water billing software! With that in mind, we set out to offer modern water billing software at a price affordable to any city. Our Water Billing Software, is based and developed on

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